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About Hayley

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My story

Crumpet the english bulldog

After 5 years of working as an executive assistant and office manager in a digital marketing company, I honed my affinity for systems and organisation. As with so many others, the pandemic lead me to pursue other working possibilities, to see where I could take these natural talents and use them to help other like-minded females achieve their business goals online. 

I quickly became obsessed and entranced with the world of possibilities in online business, with endless tools and tech designed to aid in every process imaginable, and the powerful community of strong, independent female entrepreneurs that are disrupting and revolutionising business as we know it. 

I gained some experience as a VA, but knew from the get-go that the OBM toolkit aligned so closely with my own passions and skills, and in 2022 I formalised these skills with the professional guidance of the International Association for Online Business Managers, and became a Certified OBM®. 

I grew up in a small coastal town, and now reside in Sydney, Australia. I love spending time at the beach and hanging out with my English Bulldog, Crumpet. 

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